Packaging Foods With Polyolefin Shrink Film

One of the most significant challenges that the food packaging industry has to deal with is the limited shelf-space in grocery stores. For this reason, companies look for creative ways to make their food products stand out among other products. Over time, food packaging design and materials are also becoming more complex.

In most cases, companies pay attention to showcase their products instead of investing in packaging. In some areas, companies look for clear packaging options to make sure that their customers get to see the original product before buying. Food items that commonly use clear packaging include bread, pastries, meats, desserts, candies, and many more.

There are too many options available for clear food packaging. Some of those options are poly bags, clear propylene containers, cellophane, clear PET containers, paperboard boxes, and shrink films.

Each of these materials offers advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will briefly discuss polyolefin shrink film and its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of using polyolefin shrink film to package foods

  • The top benefit that you are going to get with this shrink film is related to costs. Using this film to package a product package is going to cost you pennies. On the other hand, using other options may cost you much more than shrink wrapping your food products. Start-ups can get machinery and film for under $500.
  • Efficiency is another advantage of using polyolefin shrink film. Depending on the required output, you can use manual or automatic shrink wrapping machines. Both these types of machines are highly efficient and can help you meet your packaging requirement quite easily. Even the semi-automatic option will help you automate a significant part of the procedure.
  • Shrink film is an excellent material for protecting foods from external elements and preserving them for longer durations. This film works as a barrier from dust, moisture, and other sources of contamination. With the help of a proper seal, you can ensure a longer shelf life of your product.
  • If you want your product to remain on the display while staying packaged and sealed, polyolefin shrink film is the most appropriate option that you can consider. The polyolefin option offers the best clarity compared to other types of shrink films.
  • This shrink film can be the best option if you want to bundle different products together. Sometimes, you may want to place different products in the same package. Using shrink film may help you keep those products safe. You can also use this option for branding purposes if you want to combine different colored products to make the package appealing.

Disadvantages of packaging foods with polyolefin shrink film

  • In some cases, you may need to use extra packaging material to get a professional look. The extra materials you may need in this regard include paperboard containers, Styrofoam, and other types of materials that can be used with shrink films.
  • Using a higher shrink rate can cause some products to deform. You can prevent this problem by using a paperboard container.
  • Sometimes, trapped air inside a package might result in the packaging ballooning.

Before using the polyolefin shrink film, you may want to speak to your packaging supplier to get to know the best practices.

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